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Welcome to ‘The Love in Action' Database, powered by The Alliance. Here, you’ll find opportunities to meet the needs of our community's most vulnerable children, families, caregivers and parents, in addition to the needs of the local nonprofits, agencies and support groups that serve them.* 

By signing up to Provide an Item or Volunteer your Time, you can be a difference maker for local foster children, youth aging out of the system, newly arrived refugees, single moms, struggling families, social workers and more. Whether you provide essential items to a child or family in crisis, fulfill a special wish, or spend time volunteering, advocating or mentoring, YOU can make a difference today.


* The Alliance partners with over 50 local agencies, nonprofits, support groups and churches to wrap around vulnerable kids and families in the Greater Sacramento Area. 


Each of us have talents, resources and experience that can be used to make a difference for kids & families in our community. Simple acts of kindness or gifts can produce profound encouragement and overtime create change...change in people's lives and change in our community.


If you're looking for some ideas or encouragement, check out this TEDx talk by The Alliance's very own, Heidi White.



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